​​ George A. Irvin was born in St Louis Missouri.  He received Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior in 1999 and filled with the Holy Ghost in 2000 with the Bible evidence of speaking in other tongues.  He answered his call into ministry in 2008 under the leadership of Pastor Avon Rawls and ordained and released into Apostolic Ministry (preceded by a series of dreams and confirmed through the prophetic) in 2012 under the tutelage of Bishop Joan Daniel.  He is the CEO and founder of "Global Outreach CDC" / Administrator of broadcasting for "Dream Builders Ministries" / Radio host and broadcaster for "Live @ 5 With Ask The Apostle" / Administrative  assistant for "In The Midst One Accord International Outreach Ministries". 


Mission Statement

​Building Leaders today for tomorrow for the expanding of the Kingdom of God in the earth realm through the exercising of Kingdom authority, while going forth doing the work of the ministry beyond the four walls.  We are called to serve.


Our Confession of Faith

We believe that every person that believes (sincerely) in their heart and confesses with their mouth Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior becomes a member of the Body of Christ, with Jesus Christ being the head of that body, that body is called the Church.  We the members of this local assembly: Disciples of Christ Christian Ministries have been called, appointed and anointed by God to carry out the great commission given to us by God's son Jesus Christ; to go forth and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever Jesus has commanded us.  We shall contiue steadfast in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and in breaking of bread and in prayers and God shall add to the Church daily such as should be saved.  The Lord will always confirm his word with signs following.

We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to 1st Corinthians 12:1-11 are in full operation in the Church today under the New Covenant and shall remain until the return of Jesus Christ. 

About KBM

We are a non-denominational body of believers, with Jesus being the head of that body, that body is called the church.  KBM is a multi-dimensional, multi-generational, and multi-cultural network birthing forth a "new breed" of  Apostolic leaders with a fresh and new mentality in pursuit of all God has for us in this generation.  We have been called, appointed and anointed by God to carry out the great commission; to go forth and make disciples of men in accordance with Matthew 28:19-20.  We believe that the (religious) traditions of men has made Gods's word of none effect, therefore we strive to develop leaders within the "Body of Christ" with progressive revelation that will enable the saints to be complete and come to maturity in the things of God, equipping and preparing them for the work of the ministry so that the body of Christ may be edified.  God's desire is that the  ekklesia in the earth realm,  birth forth such an impact that the Kingdom of God be manifested to the degree that is gives authenticity to the Kingdom of God.